Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buddy is turning 6 months!

Seeing Cash in these pictures made me realize he's not a newborn anymore, but he'll always be our baby boy! He is such a handsome guy - we are so lucky to have him in our lives. He sleeps through the night, started rice cereal for the first time yesterday. (January 25, 2010) Laughs so hard whenever his sister enters the room and when dad enters he puts on the biggest smile! Loves to be cuddled, held and bounced to sleep. Thank YOU Lisa for taking amazing pictures of our baby boy!

Just for Dad!

I had these pictures taken for Tyson for Christmas! It was fun trying to do their first photoshoot together - besides the one picture we got of them when he was a newborn. Now that he is getting bigger by the day and can sit up - we'll be able to get more pictures of them together! I can't wait! Thanks Andrea for such darling pictures!!

Big Sister LOVE!

Gentry is so sweet to to her "Bubba!" She just loves to give him hugs and kisses. She always wants to hold him. He thinks she's so funny - she'll sing and dance and he'll laugh like I've never heard him laugh before. When Tyson and I play with him he'll giggle, but when Gentry plays with him it's just different. I LOVE how much they love one another ...already! It's only going to get better! (P.S. I went shopping on Saturday and while I was gone dad took this picture and sent it to my phone!)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cash's 1st Haircut

Well, he got his first haircut January 1st - it was a fresh start for the New Year and a new do. His hair was out of control and we finally decided to just get his (as dad would say) "lettuce chopped!" He's a handsome fella!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Butter Ball

Gentry is out little "butter" ball. We were making dinner for New Years Eve and we had the butter out and letting her help us ---- well, she started eating the butter! It was pretty funny!

Sister Whitney

Whitney is part of our family - she is a sister to us. Gentry even calls her aunt wheet. We all love when she comes into town and the time we get to spend with her. Every chance I get I try and talk her into moving back home. We all love and miss and her here.

Giving Dad Knuckles!

They are so cute together - Treebug is daddy's little girl! She says and does everything he tells her. She loves to give "knuckles!"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had such a great Christmas this year! It was so fun watching Gentry opening all her presents and her "bu-ba's" (she calls him that, but she's trying to say brother). Every present she would open she would say, "thank you" it was so cute! This year was great because Gentry understood that opening a present meant you would get a gift. I know every year will get more and more fun! I put a lot of pictures of Christmas because I didn't want to have to pick and choose which ones I put on our blog. I might not change the background, the font or do anything special to the blog, but I do lots of pictures. My main reason for this blog is to turn it into a book. My little own scrapbook. I am late blogging - It gets hard working full time and having two babies under the age of 2 years old...but here it is!

Making a mess with all the wine corks!!

Aunt Alicia helping her open her presents!

Looking through her telescope...she puts it between her eyes, but closes her eyes! So funny!

Cutest little gift card holder - I just loved it!

Uncle Matt is so sweet - be bought her these cute rollerblades and she has so much fun trying to roll around the house in them.

Helping Cash open his presents! Christmas morning!
Her new drum set - lovely! Thanks Nanny and Papa! We're going to love this!

Her new ride!

Christmas morning - need I say more....

Cash is such a happy boy~ G'ma just loves spending time with all the grandbabies.

Playing dress up with all the jewels! Such a priness.
Yep, everything goes in his mouth!!
Our smiley little buddy!

Nanny just can't get enough!

I'm pretty funny - I can make them all laugh so hard --- ok, it wasn't me, it was Tyson. He is pretty funny though!

She's pretty serious about this gift - I don't think G'ma could open this fast enough for her.

Cute little Hudson!