Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Papa's Leading Lady

I'm not sure if Gentry gets more excited to see her dada or her papa! Whenever she sees papa she gets so excited and runs and gives him a hug and a kiss. She doesn't like him to leave her sight. She'll cry to go with him. I just love seeing how much they love one another!

Holding Dads Sunglasses Ransom

Dad can't live without his sunglasses. He's left home without them probably twice and both times we've sent pictures of Cash and Gentry wearing them. We always ask for ransom money and we get it.

Dads Little Buddies

He has both of his buddies with him. If dad is holding Cash, Gentry has to sit right next to him. She doesn't mind me holding Cash, but if dada is holding him she's not too happy about it. Can you say daddy's little girl- or daddy's big brat!

Dads Favorite Teams

Dad loves his teams biggest fan. I was out running errands both days and came home to these darling pictures.

Her Baby Eats What She Eats

Gentry got this bear for Christmas and she sings "Wind beneath my Wings" by Bette Midler. So, her baby's name is Bette. She feeds her whatever she's eating and will put her in the car seat, boppy pillow, boppy chair and will even try and burp her. After Gentry went down for her nap I started picking up the house. I found Bette sitting in her Dora chair with a grape in her mouth. It was so funny!

Thanksgiving in the Summer

We went to Thanksgiving Point with my cute friend/neighbor Stephanie and Kailee. We had so much fun getting out of the house and having lunch in the park there. Gentry wasn't too sure about the pony ride, but I think she had fun anyway. Cash was such a great baby. He just kicked his little feet and moving his arms. I'm pretty sure that meant he was excited to be there.

Look at the difference

Gentry is 18 months and is full of life. She loves to get in trouble because she thinks it's funny.
Cash is exactly 1 month old in this picture! He's such a sweet baby!

I'm officially over the HiLl

My birthday - I turned 31! Yes, I'm in my 30's now. I just love my cute little family. I have Tyson who is wonderful and is an amazing dad and 2 cute little kids. What more could I ask for.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Sister and Little Brother

I know it looks like Gentry is squeezing his neck, but she LOVES to give big tight hugs. She is really starting to love her brother. She always wants to give him hugs and kisses. She waves to him every time he enters the room and reaches her arms out for a hug and a kiss. I love these two!!

Gentry's Room

We did Gentry's room in pink and brown! We painted her walls in venetian plaster. It took a very very long time. I think we worked on it for a few weeks. I love how it turned out though.

Cash's Room

I knew from the minute I found out I was pregnant that I wanted to do "the" room in airplanes. I knew in my heart that I was having a boy - just like I knew Gentry was a girl. Call it mothers intuition. The day we had the ultrasound and they said "it's a boy" I bought his bedding set.

Cash's photoshoot

I can't believe how small my little guy is! He's been so much fun and it seems as if he's hungry all the time - wanting to eat every 2 hours. He's a growing boy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Sweet Baby Boy!

Gentry is 18 Months

Gentry Jace turned 18 months old. She's such a funny, cuddly little girl. She has been so much for fun for our families. I am very grateful that she has come into our lives. She makes life so much more fun. I've been taking her to My Gym and they sing songs, play games and they have toys for the little kids. Her eyes light up when we go there. I wish I could see the world through her big brown eyes. I love you baby girl!!