Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gentry is a Turtle

Just checking out the class room and other kids.
Looking at the teacher to see what she was telling me.
Gentry went to school for the first time today. She's a Turtle and she there are 5 other turtles in her class. This picture broke my heart. It was such a big day for me. I knew this day would come and I wasn't going to like it. Tyson and I have been talking for months and months about getting her into a Child Development Program. I'm very lucky to work for Intermountain Healthcare and having the opportunity to take Gentry to their school. It's a great program and they do a lot of enrichment activities. There are lesson plans and activities they do throughout the day. I was suppose to take her yesterday, but wanted one more day. It was so cute when we walked in because all the other kids knew she was new and a little nervous. This cute little guy said, "HEY" and this other little girl gave her a toy. She was hugging me so tight around my neck and would pat and scratch my back. I didn't want to let her go. The minute I got out of her class room I started to cry. I called 3 times and asked how she was doing; they went on a walk and did some hand paintings today. Gentry is a picky eater and wouldn't eat any food except Gold Fish! Luckily it's only 3 days a week and she's 2 blocks away from me.

Random pictures with my phone

These are just some random pictures I took of the kids with my phone. While on maternity leave I would try and take a picture of them daily (if I could) and as time went on we got into a routine and I was able to get more and more pictures of them.

Dora the Explorer

Of course you all know that Gentry LOVES Dora and her best bud is her little brother so what would be more perfect than to have him be Boots. Andrea was very cute to take these pictures. What a fun idea!