Monday, November 30, 2009

Go Utes!

Getting ready to go watch the Utes game - the whole family wearing red! Dad had to take the picture though. He may be wearing blue, but no one will ever know! :)

Give me those....

Gentry telling dad, "those look better on me." She loves wearing her dads sunglasses.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We took the kids out to play in the snow - it was so fun to see Gentry running around. She LOVES to be outside. I can't wait til it's warmer and we can go to the park and run around outside again.

Gentry saying CHEESE!!

Wearing Aunt Alicia's shoes!

Happy Turkey Day! We got to celebrate Thanksgiving for 2 days. It's always so much fun to spend time with family. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Being Thankful

Tyson and I are so thankful for our kids and their health. We just treasure every moment with them. They make us laugh so much - from Gentry not caring too much for her brother to wanting to hug and kiss him all the time. Cash loves when people talk to him and he just laughs and smiles all the time. He has the cutest dimples I've ever seen. Gentry thinks she so funny wearing Papa and Nanny's eye glasses. Gentry and cousin Hudson play so well together. He is such a cute boy. They love playing with the wine corks and this picture I caught them in the act. I love being able to share our family stories and memories with everyone.

Black Out

We took the kids to the Utes game - it was the black out game. Gentry of course had a blast. She got to run around, eat candy, cookies and chips - her favorite. Dad and I didn't give her all that stuff. If you can see in the pictures. It was Papa and Nanny. Once we got to the game I didn't see much of Cash. Everyone was passing him around. I only got to capture a few pictures of him. The last picture of Gentry crying with cute Heidi is sad because we told her to say bye because we were leaving and she wasn't having it. It was quit the production to get the kids up there, but Tyson was so happy that we did. He just loved having his family at the game.

P.S. - in case you're wondering about Tyson's mustache he was growing it out for his Halloween costume.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My 2 loves!

Gentry loves her little baby brother. It's so cute to hear her try and say his name and she just loves to give him kisses! Gentry loves to call me by my first name and then I'll say, "I'm mama" and she'll point to herself and say, "I'm mama!" It's pretty cute!
Cash loves when you talk to him. He laughed for the first time (out loud) on November 6th. He smiles all the time and tries to talk to us! I just love my little buddy!

The "real" Dora

We went to Nanny's work to go Trick or Treating too and Gentry finally wore her wig!

Trick - Trick

We went to the pumpkin patch with the kids. It was so much fun doing this as a family. Gentry just loves going and we're sure Cash will too when he's old enough to run around.

Trick - Trick

Gentry went Trick or Treating with my cute neighbor. It was pretty cute because Gentry realized if you said something you would get something put in your bag (or her Dora back pack). She would hear Kailee say, "trick or treat" so Gentry started saying "trick trick!" When she got home she was so excited about all of her candy. She started digging through it and picking up a few things she wanted to have. It was so cute because I remember doing that when I was little.