Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

My darling sister Karen! She has a smile that lights up a room!
Everyone on Thanksgiving! My family came from AZ and it was so good to see all of them!

My Girl!!

She loves this toy! Grandma brought it over to Aunt Alicia's for Thanksgiving!
She thinks she's pretty cool at Aunt Alicia's - she's using the railing to walk!
Nope, she's not afraid of dogs anymore. She found out they have a pretty cool collar!
I love this face! She's serious about this picture!
My big princess! Yep, she weighs 20 LBS!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Going Private!!

I have decided to make our blog private after watching the following link. If you would like to continue to visit our blog just leave your e-mail address here or send it to Don't feel silly if you I don't know you personally, but you enjoy looking at our blog. I'm planning on going private in the next 2 weeks.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday "Dada"

Our self portrait on Dads birthday!

We had the fire extinguisher ready.

Oh, how cute!
Great Grandpa with baby Hudson!

Happy Halloween

I took Treebug to Papa's work! He was so excited about it. He toted her around to show off her costume.
Nanny got to see Tree in her costume too. She took her Trick-or-Treating, but she couldn't eat any of the candy!
Ok, here's the story! Dad got to pick out her her costume. She's an air freshner. On the bottom it's says "Little Tree."

Hey, girl!

Dora is reading Treebug a story!

Gentry and her baby cousin, Hudson!

Yep, she's standing already! She's standing by herself, but only for 5- 8 seconds at a time!

"I'm stuck and how do I get out?"
Gentry and her cousin Naseon. He's almost 20! Yep, a 20 year difference.